Audio Concept – the Swedish STROMTANK distributor – presented the new power supply STROMTANK S2500 at High-end audio show in Stockholm in February 2018.

With its elegant design, smart dimensions and an absolute lack of compromise in terms of materials and components used deliver the foundations for best clean audio performance.
STROMTANK improves the sound of any high-end system by removing it completely from the power grid and with a converter inside it supplies systems with a pure and stable 230 Volt, 50 cycle AC sine wave. STROMTANK’s battery power has only one purpose: to power any system far away from any interferences and disturbances.

S2500 has a storage capacity of 2500-Watt hours and contains lithium-iron-phosphate-cells.
These LiFe-PO4 cells are safe, environmentally friendly, very cycle-resistant and relatively lightweight.
The operation is super simple: it’s large circular front panel display glows blue when in charging mode, and green when in “off grid”/pure battery mode. There is a switch on the front panel to toggle between the two.
With the S2500 one is able to listen to music for up to 5 hours without a charge. If the batteries charge is depleted during operation the Stromtank will automatically go into charging mode, yet the listener can still enjoy music during the charging process. This is the beauty of the Stromtank – even when connected to the AC power for recharging, the current that comes forth from the Stromtank is not taken from the grid, as this power is absorbed by the batteries. Plus, in “AC-connected mode” the Stromtank creates a stable AC-supply and has much less interaction between the grid and one’s setup. So there is no need to wait any longer for occasional midnight listening sessions. Pure sound at any time powered  by STROMTANK.

You are welcome to get an STROMTANK experience of all present model S2500 and S5000 at Audio Concept’s showroom, Södra Agnegata 29, 11229 Stockholm.