STROMTAK presented the S2500 at this year’s Rocky Mountain Audio Festival 2018, which took place from October 05 to 07 in Denver, USA.

Stromtank was driving a setup with Martin Logan’s new top of the line Neolith speakers using a Dan Agostino Master Audio Systems Preamplifier with optional DAC module and Progression Mono Amplifiers.

Our chief-engineer Mr. Wolfgang Meletzky took great joy in receiving the very rare Blue Note Award 2018 for the Stromtank S2500 battery power supply.

Tom Lyle – reviewer of – wrote down his impressions about the Stromtank S2500 as follows:

“ … the Stromtank is a component built with what seems like obsessive exactitude, and I’m apt to say that if they tell me it will improve the sound of any high-end system by removing it from the power grid, I’d believe them…

The Stromtank S2500, like its big brother the Stromtank S5000 is able to remove one’s system from the power grid, delivering a pure sine wave of 110 Volts (and of course can be ordered for 220V systems). Stromtank’s S2500 has a storage capacity of 2500-Watt hours (as opposed to the S5000, which has a storage capacity of 5,000Wh and the specification obviously the basis for the models’ monikers). Both contain lithium-iron-phosphate-cells. These LiFe-PO4 cells are safe, environmentally friendly, very cycle-resistant and relatively lightweight. The main difference between the two models is how long each will be able to go without a charge, and the amount of power that they can deliver to a system. With the S2500 one is able to listen to music for up to 4 hours without a charge.”

Read the whole review:

Many thanks also to our US-distributor Dan D’Agostino Master Audio Systems for a great performance and support.

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