The first RMAF was held in October 2004. This year RMAF will celebrate 15 years of bringing the best in high-end audio to Denver. RMAF is considered the largest consumer high-end audio show in North America and Mr. Al Stiefel is the founder of the RMAF. Attendees are music lovers, audiophiles, DIYers, videophiles, technophiles, students and teachers congregating in Denver to see the latest innovations. Many attendees are looking for a system and will seize this opportunity to compare brands, quality, and features before committing to a purchase.

We are happy to have been part of the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2018 and thankful for a great time. Check-out  Stereophile`s gorgeous feedback:

„…I entered the room in the middle of a Stromtank demo. I had hardly gotten my bearings when the S 2500 was engaged, and images immediately became far more color-saturated and three-dimensional. Very, very impressive—it made me wish I had a spare $20,000 at hand. Instruments in Dire Straits’ “Ride Across the River,” played very loudly in DSD128, had lots of substance and depth, with great air around trumpets and a very neutral, convincing sound. Bass, however, was a mite muffled. On other recordings, I noted how well the system captured depth, weight, and the natural resonance of instruments in space. Had the sound been a little lower, or if days had more hours, I would have stayed longer…“

The next RMAF in 2019 will take place at a new location. The brand new Hotel Gaylord Rockies will be the new home and very close to the airport. We are looking forward to it and will be part of this sensational show again next year. Safe the date: September 05th-08th2019 in Denver.