Holger Barske, Chief editor from well-respected German Hi-Fi magazine „LP“, took a very intensive look to quality and technology of STROMTANK S 2500. Read his results about the net power generator running a high-end audio setup and find out more about the refinements and the hard facts of the hand-crafted components made in Berlin.

“At last someone listened to me and has built a device that had been long overdue.

Okay – „listened to me“ is a little exaggerated, as I never expressed my desires about the perfect mains supply solution to Wolfgang Meletzky. Oh, you’ve heard that name before? That isn’t entirely impossible, as this man began his career as the founder and head of the Berlin-based manufacturer MBL. Today, he is still busy working in the audio field, but much more specifically so: his latest venture is called „Stromtank“ (electricity container, freely translated).
The name itself deserves respect: On the one hand it sums up the functional principle of the three devices currently in the  portfolio, and on the other hand the term works perfectly internationally and has exactly the right degree of Teutonic “heaviness”.

But for all of that, what is it exactly? Maximum clean power to supply a HiFi system. It is well known that the quality of our ‘beloved’ 230-volt sine wave delivered from the wall socket has long since ceased to be what it used to be. For years now, a whole branch of the audiophile manufacturing industry has been trying to master this problem and to free the network voltage from trouble in the form of more or less high-frequency interference.

The intensity of these efforts usually goes hand in hand with the price tags attached to the respective products: there are more or less affordable passive filter solutions that are more or less precisely tailored to the consumer, there are transformer concepts (which in the end are nothing but passive filters) priced above them, and active solutions that more or less completely „rebuild“ the mains voltage … This works very well, but is not the end of the road just yet … And that‘s exactly where the Stromtanks come in …


I extend my congratulations to Berlin: As of today, there‘s no better way to supply a HiFi system with clean power!”