Review of power Source STROMTANK 2500 by hifi magazin Russia: „ … when sounds are reborn …“


„Until electrical energy reaches your system, it has to travel hundreds of meters from the generating station. There is certainly no high-quality power cable on this route, so the energy will encounter a whole kaleidoscope of interferences on its way – from a multitude of radio signals to the feedback of thousands of electrical devices connected to the electrical grid. Electric current entering your amplifiers is therefore about as clean as water in a small forest pond. It looks okay most of the time and does not cause any direct damage, but is interspersed with a host of microscopically small life forms. Hence it is clear that fluctuations in power quality have  a detrimental  effect on the capabilities of the connected components. They simply do not receive enough “good” (clean) current to develop their full potential. Measures then have to be taken to unfold the entire musical material in its full sonic richness …


How can this problem be solved? A mains filter could be used to protect the system from overloads and to smooth out particularly unpleasant bursts for sound reproduction – but this does not help to maximize the flow of energy. You can go one step further and install a regenerator that improves the sinusoidal shape of the electrical signal. However, this leads to a loss of sound dynamics. Don’t lose your head if you don’t know the answer. Don’t get restless. Wolfgang Meletzky – a talented German engineer – already found the answer for us. He is widely known for his unique MBL systems. Like all brilliant engineers, Wolfgang is a person with an extremely emotional relationship to his creations. While developing high-quality amplifiers, power sources and sophisticated audio systems, he thought more than once about the problem that even high-quality systems often have less than satisfying electrical energy available. It took years of experience to find a solution as development progressed. And today, this solution is in the showrooms, and it’s not only impressive from the outside, but also from a technical point of view…“

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