The latest review about the smartest STROMTANK model S-1000 by Chief editor Holger Barske from popular Hi-Fi magazine “LP”. Check out his conclusion about the most consequent net power generator.

“What exactly is it that distinguishes Stromtank from all other manufacturers when it comes to power conditioners? As is well known, the point of the matter is to provide the connected components with a perfect mains voltage. Perfect means: a flawless 50-Hertz sine wave with an effective value of unwavering 230 volts, free from high-frequency and other interference.

To start up the system, you absolutely need the „ignition key“, in addition you have to operate the  main switch and the input-side circuit breaker. After various very solid sounding tinkling noises inside, one may indulge in the blessings of the device. I recommend to schedule any first experiments

around noon or in the late afternoon, when our power grid is struggling with the biggest problems. The extent of the sound improvement also depends on the connected components: The Thivan Labs vacuum tube amp, for example, reacted rather subtly to the upstream connection of the Stromtank S1000, but it also appeared louder, more energetic and more powerful. This became all the more  apparent when switching to off-line operation. With the large Cambridge transistor amplifier, the differences were more pronounced: it actually appeared noticeably louder when supplied by the Stromtank and improved even more when playing completely „off grid“, especially in terms of focus and precision…


And even if the investment in such a device as the Stromtank S 1000 is beyond the capabilities of most hi-fi enthusiasts, its use makes one truth very clear: the quality of the mains supply is important or the sound and you should definitely take care of it.”