Check out this detailed experience report about the solution for clean power supply.


“Stromtank has been conceived to become an ultimate solution to clean power supply. It operates with no dependency on power grid quality, providing the purest possible voltage to electronics. It proves once again – and it does so in a rather unrivaled way – that it is the power foundation that lifts up the good systems to the great ones.


Are the Stromtanks expensive? It´s relative. They were designed for audio systems – including power amplifiers – not only for front end components. Often we pay substantial amounts for filters or isolation transformers that only work on players and streamers, and are forced leave the amps on the ‘dirty’ grid not to lose dynamics and punch. Not with the Stromtanks.


Also, one can deduct few thousand of Euro from the Stromtank’s price right away. This is the budget that would be necessary for a good power cord if another power conditioner should be acquired. There is the rule that the best power cord one can afford should be placed between the wall receptacle and the power center of a system. The Stromtank does not really care about the power cord that feeds it. It is only used for recharging the batteries, the components will not ever see it. An ordinary PC cord will do the service. In fact, as I mentioned earlier, the Stromtank can be completely disconnected from the power grid. Do it as an experiment but do not use it like that – I guarantee that once you will forget to plug it back in and the batteries will be drained. But the message is clear: your audiophile circuit breaker means nothing to the Stromtank. Spend your money elsewhere.


However, the strongest argument for the Stromtank appeared in the introduction of this review: it is the power foundation which is essential and which lifts up the good systems to the great ones. In my opinion the Stromtank beats any power supply solution that is on the market today, active or passive. I’ve got to get one…”