The latest review about STROMTANK S-2500 Quantum from Audio & Video Magazin:

“Electricity is needed everywhere and at all times: at home and at work, for communications and entertainment, for cooking and storing food. Have we ever thought about its quality? When asked what fuel he puts in the tank of his favorite car, the driver indicates the cleanest petrol with the highest octane rating. However, electricity is a much more complex phenomenon, as many installations react slightly to various changes in the electricity grid, with the exception of major spikes and disruptions. Changes in the quality of electricity are most noticeable where this energy is converted into direct mechanical energy or a frequency signal available to our organs: light, colour and sound.

Until the electricity reaches our homes, it flows hundreds of meters or a few kilometers with a low-quality cable. In addition, electricity faces a number of obstacles along the way: from radio signals to feedback from mains-operated equipment. Frequent electrical debris negatively affects elements of the sound system that simply will not have healthy energy to reveal equipment resources. This factor in turn reduces the ability to reproduce the entire content of the musical information…”