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Everything that characterises the StromTanks can already be found in our smallest model. Depending on the system configuration, even with the S-1000 there are no limits to absolute music enjoyment.

S-2500 Quantum MK-II

"The new middle class", if you go by our device hierarchy. Otherwise, the S-2500 Quantum MK-II is, of course, absolute top class. Here, too, we have implemented everything in line with our uncompromising approach.

S-4000 ProPower MK-II

The S-4000 ProPower not only cuts a fine figure in many recording studios. It is also a classic power tank, but one with eight LFP batteries and two inverters.

S-5000 HighPower MK-II

Many people say that life is made up of compromises. 
We say it consists of decisions. And if you have opted for a high-end system, then you also want to be able to call up its optimum performance at all times.


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