S-2500 Quantum MK-II

S-4000 ProPower MK-II

S-5000 HighPower MK-II

STROMTANK S-4000 ProPower MK-II 

Technically, the S4000-ProPower occupies a special position because it marks the transition to the ultra-high-end range and thus also cuts a good figure in many recording studios.  It is likewise a classic StromTank, and now in its latest version also one with 16 LFP-batteries (48 Vdc system) and two inverters. These inverters are responsible for limiting the power draw. The maximum current of the DC/AC converter must be taken into account, as well as the heat generated during conversion.

In the S4000-ProPower, two such high-performance converters work in parallel to be able to provide the corresponding power. This has the advantage that each only has to process half the current and the heat is distributed over a larger area. The regulation of load peaks also takes place at twice the speed. In order to ensure optimal heat dissipation, the dimensions of the housing (in relation to S1000-SourcePower & S2500-Quantum) have been significantly enlarged. In addition, black anodised aluminium is used for the outer shell in combination with internal heat distributors made of copper.

As the second largest StromTank, the S4000-ProPower can also supply a complete large system with clean power. Another additional benefit describes the final ideal solution: an S4000-ProPower supplies all analogue devices of your stereo system, while an S1000-SourcePower in combination with the SEQ-5 power strip or an S2500-Quantum exclusively takes care of the needs of digital sources. That’s why we designed the S4000-ProPower so that two StromTank units can be operated one on top of each other. Consistency is a question of attitude. We know what you think about the best possible sound.

Technical Data

Computerised lithium-iron-phosphate battery

2.700 Wh

Nominal battery voltage
48 Vdc system

Power inverter
dual power

Input Voltage
200 – 245 Vac or 100 – 130 Vac

Input frequency
50 or 60 Hz

Transfer time
< 15 ms (on grid to off grid)

Output voltage
100 – 130 Vac oder 200 – 245 Vac
(pure sine)

Output frequency
50 Hz / 60 Hz +/- 0.05%

Continuous output power
950 VA @ 25°C

Output power 3 min.
1,500 VA @ 25°C, max 3 min.

Output power 3 sec.
3.700 VA @ 25°C

4 x schuko (Furutech NFC) or 4 x duplex receptacles (pure copper rhodium plated)



Optional remote control


S-2500 Quantum MK-II

S-4000 ProPower MK-II

S-5000 HighPower MK-II


Everything that characterises the StromTanks can already be found in our smallest model. Depending on the system configuration, even with the S-1000 there are no limits to absolute music enjoyment.

S-2500 Quantum MK-II

"The new middle class", if you go by our device hierarchy. Otherwise, the S-2500 Quantum MK-II is, of course, absolute top class. Here, too, we have implemented everything in line with our uncompromising approach.

S-4000 ProPower MK-II

The S-4000 ProPower not only cuts a fine figure in many recording studios. It is also a classic power tank, but one with eight LFP batteries and two inverters.

S-5000 HighPower MK-II

Many people say that life is made up of compromises. 
We say it consists of decisions. And if you have opted for a high-end system, then you also want to be able to call up its optimum performance at all times.



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