What’s most important in an audio system? What are the most critical factors?

After intensive thinking, there were two results: very important facts in an audio system are the source and the recording. A good recording creates good sound, a bad recording produces bad sound.  Another important link is the power supply: without a stable & reliable power source, no matter how expensive the equipment is, it cannot create its full potential.
The quality of the AC power grid had a remarkable influence on overall sound quality.

Every STROMTANK model disconnects audio systems totally from the grid and provides a perfect AC signal from the included battery pack (Lithium-iron-phosphate-technology).

This method is to be far superior to the typical approach of conditioning or regenerating the existing AC power signal coming from the grid. Only when a system is completely isolated from the AC grid you can completely eliminate the negative impact the AC grid has on sound performance.


Most people think that because everything turns on and works that the AC grid is providing an ideal signal. It should be a pure sine wave, with no distortion, no high frequencies harmonics, and stable in frequency and amplitude. Unfortunately, this is mostly not the case.

What you have to keep in mind is the fact that the AC supply in your home is part of a large electrical network. Everything connected to the grid from residential and commercial customers adds electrical anomalies to the AC signal. The AC grid is also used by data communications equipment. For normal electrical usage, these anomalies have no effect. However, for high resolution audio systems, these distortions are audible and limit the potential of your audio performance.

The power supply section in an audio component is designed for best sound quality. It is nearly impossible to add all of the required circuitry for ideal power conditioning. This is true from an engineering size and cost point of view.  Even if feasible; the result would still include connection to the AC grid. A specially designed power product isolating the system from the AC grid is the only way to guarantee the best sound possible.

Power products – properly designed – can help improve the AC signal and subsequently, the sound of an audio system. However, all of these products are still connected to the AC grid. They cannot address all of the AC grid’s issues as they are still interacting with the grid.

Creating your own AC voltage is the only way to truly address the degradations introduced by the AC grid.

This is the reason why STROMTANK uses high performance LiFePO4 batteries in combination with a pure sine wave converter. Regardless of what happens with the electricity from the power company, your system is ALWAYS unaffected.